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Representing the west island community in Pointe-Claire for decades.

If there’s a niche or hobby that interests you, we probably have the magazine.

The magazine store in the West Island. Megamag is small local shop located in

Pointe-Claire Plaza and has been around for decades.

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Our store hours are:

M/L: 9h-18h

T/M: 9h-18h

W/M: 9h-18h

T/J: 9h-20h

F/V: 9h-20h

S/S: 9h-17h

S/D: 11h-17h


Call us for any questions at (514) 697-1187

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As a small community in Montreal we do love to give back to the community so we proudly support Buyarity. You can help the community through your online shopping habits.11990307_10155917473060328_2047261978_o

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