Stop shopping at multinationals and start buying local in Montreal’s West island.

How many local shops have you noticed at high traffic areas in Montreal? Large corporations are taking over. The money we spend is being funneled towards CEO’s and the growth of their multinational corporations. What’s left for your local mom and pop shop?

Have you ever visited Plaza Pointe-Claire in Montreal’s West island? Don’t mistake the place for Pointe-Claire’s Fairview shopping center. They’re both shopping centers. The difference is, one is a giant conglomerate of multinational retail stores that are present at every giant shopping mall and the other is a home to local shops that are owned by people in the Pointe-Claire community. Fairview the home for multinational retail giants vs plaza Pointe-Claire where small local shops reside.

Here are a couple reasons why you should choose to shop local.

The money spent stays in the community rather than traveling helping people who are only care about profits. The truth is local shop owners are hard-working and usually only own one shop while the giant retailers have multiple locations and the CEO is rich enough to retire yesterday. Local shops are also a better place to find a good deal. Although giant multinationals are able to achieve economies of scale, a local shop owner is more often than not, lenient towards giving a bargain. Their distribution model might be less complex resulting in a lower cost where a large chain would have their products go through multiple processes before reaching the end consumer.

Help your neighbors and friends as they will always be looking to help you back.


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